Let's help children in Syria

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SOS in Syrien

Dear friends,

I realise more and more how much luck and privilege I had in my life so far, especially when I am asked about my birthday wishes. So I would like to take this occasion to help those in need.

Syria is one of the places where people and especially babies and children are currently suffering to a terrible extend. SOS-Kinderdörfer helps children in Syria in several ways: The provide necessary means for life like food, medicine, hygienic products, clothes, etc. They also enable children to go back to school, by both providing learning materials as well as organise lectures where schools have been bombed. Last but not least, they provide psychological support and care for traumatised children of which there are so many there.

If you ask me what I wish from you then this is it, a small contribution of yours to this project. Let's see how many Baby-Pampers we can provide together ;)

Thank you :)

Yours, Eva

P.S.: I chose this organisation, SOS-Kinderdörfer, because they are certified for being a trustworthy and transparent organisation.



SOS in Syrien

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    Eine super, tolle zu unterstützende Idee!
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    Happy Birthday, Eva :-)
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