More Violins - Less Violence

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Ukraine: Hilfe für Kinder und Familien

It started with a dream. The Trouble Notes was born out of a desire to see the world and to contribute to its beauty. We use the universal language of music to empower people and tell stories of strong characters we have met through our travels. Our team comes from different corners of the world, having different traditions, but with the same goal of sharing our passion with others in the hope of uplifting others. And while our music continues to spread far and wide, we believe it is our artistic duty to help foster creativity and opportunity for future generations.

We started the More Violins, Less Violence campaign as a way to help foster peace and contribute to a better world. Through the sale of our More Violins, Less Violence T-shirt at each concert (and online), we are contributing 5 Euro of each sale to SOS Children’s Villages, an independent organization providing humanitarian and developmental assistance to children in need and advocating for their rights globally. In 2022, SOS Children’s Villages launched an emergency program to support children and families in Ukraine through support for foster care, kinship care, boarding schools and residential institutions. In the past year they have provided immediate support to thousands of children, cooperating with local partner organizations by providing food, supplies, psychosocial support and foster care. Their presence in neighboring countries helped absorb refugee children and help provide the advocacy and resources needed to ensure they have a sustainable future.

By buying a T-Shirt or supporting our campaign, you are both ensuring that we are able to continue our musical mission of spreading joy and unity in diversity, as well as helping support a better life for future generations affected by violence of war and broken homes. Together we can realize our dream of making the world a better place through our music and ensure that there are more violins and less violence.


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